Talent concept

A country is established by its ability, and an enterprise by its ability。Talent is the foundation of enterprise development and the first productive force to promote the leapfrog development of enterprises。The business city attaches importance to team building, introduces talents through multiple channels, trains talents through efficient mechanisms, and promotes talents through broad platforms, providing a strong guarantee for enterprises to be invincible in the fierce competition。

In the introduction of talents, the business city has established a high standard and moderately advanced talent introduction mechanism, opened up channels such as campus recruitment, social recruitment, overseas introduction, and so on, recruited talented people, strictly screened them, and panted for gold in big waves。

In terms of training talents, the business city has established a comprehensive and systematic training system, taking cultural integration as the key, planning management as the core, and improving the ability level of employees in actual combat as the starting point, cultivating a group of hard work and pioneering business city people

In terms of talent promotion, the high-speed and diversified development of commercial city provides a broad development space and promotion platform for every commercial city person。The subjective initiative of employees has been maximized, the internal potential has been maximized, and a good incentive atmosphere has been formed within the company。

Nourishing scholars and respecting sages, junjie in office, there is a celebration。Ambitious enterprise goals, advanced management system, scientific incentive mechanism, cast a highly educated, high-quality commercial city iron army。Business city people's lofty ideals, firm values and intrepid execution have formed an efficient follow-up corporate culture, a combined working atmosphere, and a value system beyond the perfect, which has become a powerful driving force for the company to create miracles repeatedly。

Talent development

Team activity