Shenyang commercial city development events

1991 - 2024

Along the way, we stand together through thick and thin;All the way, we have not changed our original intention。With our sincerity, in exchange for your satisfaction。Shenyang Commercial city, the city of sincerity!


January 4th, 2022,The company added 53 non-public offerings in 2021,436,000 shares were registered at the Shanghai branch of China Securities Depository and Clearing Co., LTD,Wang Qiang, the leading semiconductor company controlled by Wang Qiang and its consistent actors hold a total of 87 companies,647,649 shares,The proportion of the total share capital of the company is 37.85%, and the proportion of shares held by Zhongzhao Investment in the company was reduced to 18.63%, the controlling shareholder of the company changed to leading Semiconductor, and the actual controller changed to Wang Qiang。


Shenyang Commercial City (Group) agreed to hold its Commercial City 2090.7.94 million outstanding shares and related interests (approximately 11 percent of the target company's total share capital).74%) transferred to Zhongzhao Investment, the controlling shareholder of the company became Zhongzhao Investment, holding 52,048,427 shares of the company, accounting for 29 of the total number of shares of the company.22%, the actual controller changed to Huang Maoru。


The second phase of the project was successfully completed。After the renovation and expansion, the business area of the new commercial city has reached 160,000 square meters, covering a variety of functions such as department stores, supermarkets, restaurants, hotels, skating rink, logistics and distribution, realizing the leap from traditional department stores to modern comprehensive department stores。


The company headquarters business building renovation project was completed and reopened。


With the approval of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council, the state-owned assets of Shenyang Commercial City (Group) were transferred and delivered as a whole, and the state-owned holding was changed into a non-state-owned holding listed company。


In 2009, it was rated as "Jinding Department Store" by the Ministry of Commerce.


Awarded "National May Day Labor Award" by All-China Federation of Trade Unions


Named "National Civilized Unit" by the Central Spiritual Civilization Construction Steering Committee


The company successfully passed the Norsk Veritas ISO-9002 international quality system certification and ISO14001 environmental management system certification


Approved by the China Securities Regulatory Commission Securities Issuance word [2000] No. 164 document, listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange, the opening price of 14 yuan/share on the listing day。


Approved by Shenyang Municipal People's Government [1999] No. 68,Shenyang Commercial City (Group) as the main initiator,Shenyang Associated Company, Shenyang Storage and Transportation Group Company, Shenyang Tiexi Commercial Building, Shenyang Chemical Raw Materials Corporation,Shenyang Commercial City Co., Ltd. was formally established,The registered capital is 75 million yuan。


Shenyang Commercial City was established in 1991 and opened for business at the end of 1991 with a construction area of 7.90,000 square meters。