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【沙巴体育】 Shenyang Business City 2019 Supplier Appreciation Meeting was a complete success

"Sincere Friendship of the Bamboo Horse · Letter to Lei Chen Friendship" On January 25, 2019, with"Run and chase dreamsThe Shenyang Business City Supplier Appreciation Meeting with the theme was successfully held at Ramada Shenyang Maoye Hotel。The leading team of Shenyang Commercial City Co., LTD., the management team of each store and nearly 500 partners from all walks of life participated in the feast。



On behalf of Shenyang Commercial City Co., Ltd. and the stores in Shenyang region, Mr. Chen Zheyuan, chairman of the board, thanked the leaders from all walks of life for their presence and years of support, and personally awarded the "Sincere Cooperation Award" to each partner.。

Mr. Chen Zheyuan, chairman of the board, delivered a speech entitled "2019, We are all dream seekers", made a macro judgment on the development prospects of Shenyang retail industry, and also introduced the future development plan and business strategy of Shenyang Commercial City, which enhanced the confidence of partners from all walks of life。


 Mr. Chen Zheyuan, chairman of the board, also raised hopes for the management of Shenyang Commercial City。Conformism has no way out, flinching and missing the opportunity, innovation belongs to the brave, the opportunity belongs to the tide。Time will certainly see the continuous efforts and continuous struggle of all the people who have dreams, spirit and passion in the business city。Shenyang Commercial City will seize the opportunity of a lifetime, running to embrace and chase dreams。

Mr. Chen Zheyuan, chairman of the Board, finally sincerely wishes the business City, and also sincerely wishes all supplier friends to continue to walk together and move forward shoulder to shoulder in 2019!Wish the cooperation between each other deeper and more pleasant, also wish all supplier friends happy New Year, good health, happy family, more prosperous career!

Shenyang Business City 2019 Supplier Appreciation Meeting was held in the dance, magic, light show, piano music and many other Chinese and foreign famous performances, the peaceful, warm, colorful atmosphere brought good memories to the participants。


Old Middle Street

Witness the vicissitudes of history

Young Shenyang commercial city

Singing the music of new retail

LAN You and Guan Qi

Accompanied by our growth

Run hand in hand

Chasing the sunshine of 2019

In 2019, Shenyang Commercial City will be committed to "better life" as the core, to create a collection of goods, catering, experience, leisure, entertainment equal to one of the fashion department store。To provide consumers with perfect consumption experience space, become a gathering place for fashion quality consumers, inject new surging vitality into Shenyang business, and then achieve strategic win-win with all partners。